Stacked Arm Candy - More is Better - Even More is Best!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This season's big trend is Arm Candy -  it's all about stacking and layering all different styles of bracelets on top of bracelets on top of bracelets. My arms are always loaded up. Here are some looks I love.

Love the mixed metals and styles - great contrast of textures.

These are our classic wooden blessing beads - a favorite of mine for layering - they come in turquoise and pearl as well and are awesome stacked with other styles.

Loving Emerald green right now - all these shades of green look great together.

This actually is my arm with our wide Wimberly Horseshoe cuff, leather and gold wrap, classic gold initial charm bracelet, and classic zodiac pearl bracelet all available online.

As we all know - you can NEVER go wronng with turquoise - especially pawn silver which I collect - Love this look!

Also my arm -  with my Favorite Wimberly Teal python cuff, pasha gemstone bracelets, black and teal enameled scroll bangles, and classic charm bracelet with turquoise drop holding my bee clutch - all available online.

Another great example of how to layer all kinds of bracelets - wide, beaded and trinkets - casual and dressy - bold and simple.

So try it out - Stack them up - More is better and even more is best -  Happy Stacking!

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