Cowboy Boots......Footwear or Art?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anyone who knows me is very clear on where I stand with Cowboy Boots. I am a HUGE collector. At last count I was up to almost 40 pairs. I purchased my last vintage pair in a dusty field at an antique festival in Roundtop, Texas from a woman with no teeth - but that's a whole different post. My friend Glynis who was with me at the time said, "You have to start displaying your boots." That got me to thinking...Do I buy them to wear or to look at? I guess both.

I have TOO many pairs of vintage Acme boots that I can't walk in for 5 minutes that I paid WAY too much for - So those, I for sure bought to look at. They are works of art. I always wonder about the history of the vintage pairs. Were have they been? Who has walked in them?

BUT, I buy a lot of new boots as well. I love the workmanship and design. Some of my favorite brands of new boots are Old Gringo, Corral, and Heritage. This pair of Old Gringo Marsha's are one of my favorites. Super comfortable from the day I bought them - I can wear them ALL day. These are short so they are great with a dress, a skirt, or jeans... AND... as you can see they are SUPER CUTE!

Vintage or new? Footwear or Art? BOTH

So then - I will wear these boots as footwear today and appreciate them as art tomorrow!

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